Others Controls and Equipments
The parking brake lever is located between the seats. To apply the parking brake, hold the brake pedal down and pull the parking brake lever all the way up. To release the parking break, hold the brake pedal down, pull up slightly on the end of the lever with your thumb, and lower the lever to its original position.

  • Never drive your vehicle with the parking brake on: rear brake effectiveness can be reduced from over heating, brake life may be shortened, or permanent brake damage may result.
  • If the parking brake does not hold the vehicle securely or does not fully release, have your vehicle inspected immediately by an authorized MARUTI dealer.

Always apply the parking brake fully before leaving your vehicle or it may move, causing injury or damage. When parking, make sure the gear shift lever is left in first gear or reverse. Remember, even though the transmission is in gear, you must always apply the parking brake fully.

The clutch pedal is used to disengage the drive to the wheels when starting the engine. Stopping, or shifting the transmission lever. Depressing the pedal disengages the clutch.

Do not drive with your foot resting on the clutch pedal. It could result in excessive clutch damage, or unexpected loss of engine braking.

Brake Pedal

Your MARUTHI vehicle is equipped with front disc brakes and rear drum brakes. Depressing the brake pedal applies both sets of brakes.

You may hear occasional brake squeal when you apply the brakes. This is a normal condition caused by environmental factors such as cold, wet, snow, etc.


If brake squeal is excessive and occurs each time the brakes are applied, you should have the brakes checked by your MARUTI dealer.


Do not “ride” the brakes by applying them continuously or resting your foot on pedal. This will result in overheating of the brakes which could cause unpredictable braking action, longer stopping distances, or permanent brake damage.

Accelerator Pedal

This pedal controls the speed of the engine. Depressing the accelerator pedal increases power output and speed.


The gear changes pattern is shown in the illustration. For details on how to use the transmission, refer to USING THETRANSMISSION in the OPERATING YOUR VEHICLE SECTIONS.

  • Never get under the vehicle when it is supported by the jack.
  • Never run the engine when the vehicle is supported by the jack and never allow passengers to remain in the vehicle.


  • Never attempt to jump start your vehicle if the battery appears to be frozen. Batteries in this condition may explode or rupture if jump starting is attempted.
  • When marking jump lead connections, be certain that your hands and the jump leads remain clear from pulleys, belts, or fans.
  • Batteries produce flammable hydrogen gas. Keep flames and sparks away from the battery or an explosion may occur. Never smoke when working in the vicinity of the battery.
  • If the booster battery you use for jump starting is installed in another vehicle, make sure the two vehicles are not touching each other.
  • If your battery discharges repeatedly, for no apparent reason, have your vehicle inspected by an authorized MARUTI dealer.