Training Classes
  1. Total Course is of 30 days duration.24 days front classes, 4 reverse classes, 2 mechanism classes.
    Timings : Morning 6 a.m to Evening 6 p.m. anytime available.
    House Pick up & drop
       (a) One day training with the instructor sitting at the near seat.
       (b) 6 Kms drive Daily for 25 days with the instructor sitting by your side.
       (c) The remaining four days are meant for classes on "Mechanism" on four Sundays.
  2. The trainees will be specially picked up and dropped at their Houses during training period.
  3. You have all the liberty to seek full guidance and help from the instructor during training period.
  1. 100% Guaranteed Driving Training at your Converience.
  2. New Vehicles and Experienced Trainers.
  3. FREE COACHING to Old Students with in one year who has any inconvenience & not Expert in Driving.
  4. It would be our pleasure to give driving lessons in your car or in our car to those who have undergone training elswhere and have not become full-fleged.
  5. All are welcome to join our Motor Driving School and become efficient in driving.